"My name is Alvin-Earthworm. I used to be a Nintendo fan and I wanted to make Super Mario Bros. Z, but then these Nintendo douchebags just came here to ceased my project and now I am a total dick-head who gets revenge against Nintendo for all the problems they caused, while buying their stuff I like. And now I'm depressed."
A dumb (and also hypocritical) statement by Alvin.
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An actual depiction of Alvin's personality.


Alvin being a typical dick-head. Immaturity at it's finest.

Mark Haynes, or should I say Alvin-Earthworm, is a big dick. He is known for being the creator of the critically-acclaimed sprite fanimation series known as Super Mario Bros. Z, which ended up being dumped into the toilet pretty quickly, thanks to Nintendo. Also, he's a total dick-head.

He is also a furry, if you don't know.

If you want to meet this dick-head, go to his Twitter page! He's usually active there, posting some angry tweets. If you don't read his tweets, you're dumb because everything he talks about is fuckin' memes, chronic depressions, suicidal thoughts and other dumb things.

He believes Nintendo is taking down various Nintendo fan-games, which we agreed with because they are. This doesn't mean we like him because he is dumb. He's an autistic 32 years old virgin who lives in his mom's basement for years playing video games, among other things. He thinks his life sucks so much that he think it is a good idea to cried over Nintendo's DMCA policy every god damn time.


Also, he's a hypocrite. He claims Nintendo had every intention of letting the Metroid franchise die, yet he let Super Mario Bros. Z die, twice! Isn't it fuckin' hypocritical?

We may not be a Nintendo fan, but damn, just look at this dick.

This guy's a shoe. He needs to be taken to the graveyard so that he can never been born in the first place.

(This is basically Spider-Mad's opinion. As you can see, he's a dick. No offense needed.)


  • He hates politics.

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