"Seriously, no. Nintendo apologists shouldn't accept or even encourage this behavior from them. It's completely disrespectful to their fans."
Random dumb statement by Alvin.
20160218 mark haynes mug shot 3x2

Mark in real life.

Mark Haynes, or should I say Alvin-Earthworm, is an absolute wreck of a person who worries about a lot of other things than making flash animations. He is known for being the creator of the critically-acclaimed fan-based sprite animation series known as Super Mario Bros. Z, which thanks to his stupidity, ended up being dumped into the toilet pretty quickly by Nintendo.


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An actual depiction of Alvin's personality.


Alvin being a typical dick-head. Immaturity at it's finest.

First of all, Alvin is know to being childish and impulsive. He harasses strangers on the internet without hesitation, even those who didn't do anything to him. He cancel his own series (and his main deviantART account) out of anger because of the obnoxious fans, but then he reboot it (and new deviantART account) when things gets better, right? Wrong! It gets worse when Nintendo took down his Patreon page dedicated to Super Mario Bros. Z because he was literally earning money with stuff that he didn't made, he gets increasingly bitter against the company, even though it was his fault that he became an absolute train-wreck we all know for, and all said company does is to protect their copyright. Shouldn't Alvin learn a lesson?




Alvin is known for causing drama on the internet. Be it depressions, rants, you name it. His most respected drama is the infamous rant against his rabid fan base, telling them to go to hell.

Read it if you dare.


This journal is aimed at haters

People will already know that ever since SMBZ became popular that there have been people who hate me for it. Spamming my PM inbox, Making hate flashes, getting into bitter flame wars with me and generally being assholes.

I can be a sensitive person at times, but that's about to change. After having a long sit down with a nice strong cappuccino, I thought to myself, "Why the fuck am I letting these dickwads get under my skin?" Such behavior can only be dealt with by an adequate response, and that is.... I don't care!

Seriously, I couldn't give two shits anymore. XDD I don't care who you are. I don't care about your opinions on me, my art and animations or my attitude. I don't care about your hate animations with penises (And you call me gay? XDD) and hate propaganda. I don't care if you think SMBZ is degrading the quality of animations on Newgrounds. (That's coming from the same people who spam crap into the portal). I don't care about your parents who obviously did a crappy job raising you. And I certainly don't care about your faggoty friends, brothers, sisters, pets or anyone who have to put up with your worthless existence.

You guys are nothing but a bunch of prepubescent, no talent, attention whores living thousands of miles away somewhere in the heart of Retardsville, leeching off my popularity to get some attention and lulz. But now I'm gonna do something I should have done a long time ago and that's ignore you!

So go ahead, flame my accounts with your immature]] insults. Spam my PM boxes. Make more of your gay hate flashes. Tell everyone that I'm an egotistical furfag. Do what the Hell you like! It really doesn't bother me anymore. All you are really doing is making yourselves look like complete dickheads and maybe some day, you'll come to your senses and realize that you have only been wasting your own time.

I focus on what's important in the REAL world. SMBZ is just a hobby that I like to work on during my free time. Seeing you guys get all worked up about it is perhaps the most childish thing I've ever witnessed. You guys seriously need to get a fucking life! XDD

The internet is dumb and haters are living proof of that. And that really is all she wrote. Have fun kiddies, I am sick of playing your childish games. See you in Hell!



Aside for being a drama queen, he's also a master of one of the worst actions mankind had ever done, hypocrisies. He claims to hate Nintendo because of their actions towards their fans and some autistic shoes, but he still buys most of their games and hates other game companies like Sony just because Nintendo is far superior.

He also dislikes My Little Pony just to hide the fact that he is secretly a huge fanboy of said franchise. He nearly watched the entire season of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, knows all the characters and personality (with Discord being his favorites, mate), and even draws a picture of Rainbow Dash (he admits that he likes her, but still thinks she's obnoxious) impressively for the first time despite him complaining about everything wrong with the My Little Pony like ponies having an inconsistent personality, cheap animation, and tenuous plot. Worse, he goes all haughty and declares himself better than the crew behind My Little Pony, before dropping a middle finger at people, which proves that he's lazy, arrogant, hypocritical bastard. 



  • He hates politics.
  • He's one of Alen Alic's victims.[1]


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