"Until they realize their mistakes, I won't get over it. They have screwed over too many talented people with their copyright Nazi bullshit"
Alvin, put your drink down.

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Mark Haynes, or should I say Alvin-Earthworm, is a grumpy man who worries about a lot of other things and posts more internet memes than making flash animations. He is known for being the creator of the critically-acclaimed fan-based sprite animation series known as Super Mario Bros. Z, which thanks to his stupidity, ended up being dumped into the toilet pretty quickly by Nintendo.

He is a furry if you don't know, but I'm not gonna talking about that kind of thing so let's move on to the favorite part, shall we?


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Alvin-Earthworm in real life

First of all, Alvin is know to being impulsive and sensitive. He is prone to insults strangers, mocks people's opinions, and generally being a pure egotistical dick on the internet without hesitation, even those who didn't do anything to him.

His opinion on things are also quite pathetic. While he does have some points, others are just petty jabs or memes.

For example, his criticizes Nintendo Switch Parental Controls for letting people who owned Switch (including himself) have children, hates Super Mario Sunshine just because of Pachinko and his opinions on Nintendo Labo is basically a video of the cardboard figure falling down non-stop, (because it's Twitter) which makes it clear that he certainly didn't care about creativity and innovations, and who could forget that he hates youngsters too?

Then things gets worse when Nintendo took down his Patreon page dedicated to Super Mario Bros. Z because he was literally earning money with stuff that he didn't made, he gets increasingly bitter against the company, even though it was his fault that he became an absolute train-wreck we all know for, and all said company does is to protect their copyright.


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Alvin in a nutshell.

Alvin is quite over-dramatic due to having a terrible life. He spends most of his time causing drama on the internet. Being suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder, chronic depression, autism, suicidal thoughts, he has the tendency to make suicide jokes about himself. After the incident involving Nintendo, his depressions is getting worse, not even leaving his house for the past four months.


Aside for being a drama queen, he's also a master of one of the worst actions mankind had ever done, hypocrisies. He hates Nintendo and their rabid fans for shutting down his Pateron page and screwing with his YouTube channel, yet he still buys most of their games anyway and hates other game companies like Sony for no reason. (Also, he, like Nintendo, has overzealous fans.)

He also dislikes Dragon Ball series even though he made Super Mario Bros. Z, which was heavily influenced by Dragon Ball Z, and he liked it when he was a loser fanboy. Maybe he is getting older, who knows? But given his behavior, it's likely that he does such thing a man like him always does.


What's worse is that, for a guy who had created one of the most influential pieces of sprite based animation, he is, and will always be, a selfish, childish basement-dweller. Openly mocks people even those who didn't hurt him, posting random pointless shit on Twitter, rather pathetic opinions, and of course, hypocrisies.

Redeeming Qualities?

Aside from being a dick, as stated above, I think we can agree that Super Mario Bros. Z is probably the best things about him. With well-written story, good comedy and rad-as-hell animation and action scenes, this animations is quite popular and inspires a lot of newcomers. Even big names like it too.

Also, his actual drawing is pretty good, though it's mostly a bunch of furry stuff with major inaccuracies.

In conclusion?

Alvin is nothing but a shell of a man he used to be. Nothing. Just. Nothing. While Super Mario Bros. Z (the original, not the reboot) was enjoyable, it didn't age well since there are stuff with far better animations and (maybe) stories.

Go watch the other ones.

Alen Alic


Photo of Alen Alic.

Ironically, despite being a terrible person, he is a victim of another terrible person, Alen Alic, who pretends to be his friend, while in reality, is an obsessive stalker who use lies and deceptions to take advantage of him[1].

Alvin's Hate Tweets


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