"Until they realize their mistakes, I won't get over it. They have screwed over too many talented people with their copyright Nazi bullshit"
Alvin being an ignorant bastard who never learns his mistake.
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Beneath this avatar lies a cynical, angry and childish individual.

Mark Haynes, or should I say Alvin-Earthworm, is a loser who worries about a lot of other things than making flash animations. He is known for being the creator of the critically-acclaimed fan-based sprite animation series known as Super Mario Bros. Z, which thanks to his stupidity, ended up being dumped into the toilet pretty quickly by Nintendo.

He is a furry if you don't know, but I'm not gonna talking about that kind of thing so let's move on to the favorite part, shall we?


20160218 mark haynes mug shot 3x2

Alvin-Earthworm in real life

First of all, Alvin is know to being impulsive and sensitive. He is prone to insults strangers on the internet without hesitation, even those who didn't do anything to him.

Then things gets worse when Nintendo took down his Patreon page dedicated to Super Mario Bros. Z because he was literally earning money with stuff that he didn't made, he gets increasingly bitter against the company, even though it was his fault that he became an absolute train-wreck we all know for, and all said company does is to protect their copyright.


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Alvin in a nutshell.

Alvin is quite over-dramatic due to having a terrible life. He spends most of his time causing drama on the internet. Being suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder, chronic depression, autism, suicidal thoughts, he has the tendency to make suicide jokes about himself. After the incident involving Nintendo, his depressions is getting worse, not even leaving his house for the past four months.


Aside for being a drama queen, he's also a master of one of the worst actions mankind had ever done, hypocrisies. He hates Nintendo and their rabid fans for shutting down his Pateron page and screwing with his YouTube channel, yet he still buys most of their games anyway and hates other game companies like Sony for no reason. (Also, both he and Nintendo has overzealous fans.)

He also dislikes My Little Pony just to hide the fact that he is secretly a huge fanboy of said franchise. He nearly watched the entire season of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, knows all the characters and personality (with Discord being his favorites, mate), and even draws a picture of Rainbow Dash (he admits that he likes her, but still thinks she's obnoxious) impressively for the first time despite him complaining about everything wrong with the show like ponies having an inconsistent personality, cheap animation, and tenuous plot. Worse, he goes all haughty and declares himself better than the crew behind My Little Pony, before dropping a middle finger at people. 


What's worse about Alvin is that he had created one of the most influential pieces of sprite based animation. Seeing him acting like a jerk even to this day is certainly jarring, and yet people are still supporting such a hypocritical bastard.

Alen Alic


Photo of Alen Alic.

Ironically, despite being a terrible person, he is also a victim of another terrible person, Alen Alic, who pretends to be his friend, while in reality, is an obsessive stalker who use lies and deceptions to take advantage of him[1].

Alvin's Hate Tweets


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