Don't let that innocent, cute face of her's fool you. She's a real demon.


Buffalo Bell (not to be confused with Buffalo Bill), otherwise simply known as, Bell, is, what appears to be, some robotic, pink, cow-like girl that was created by God, who serves as a mascot for some pleb-tier baseball team in Japan, but is honored by your standard /sp/icks over on 4chan. Despite that, she is a prime suspect of /v/tards and most likely will not tolerate with their typical behavior. However her defenses aren't that strong, so it's likely she'll get anally jacked within seconds on end. 

Among her allies are The Baseball Guy (in some cases), her best friend Mami-san; whose head was later blown off by Remilia Scarlet for some unknown reason, Kiwami, Ken-Chan, Sergai, Hoshi-kun, some crazy-ass Dr. Wily lookalike who claims to have created her in the first place (but really nobody knows any why the fuck should we care), and her brother, Buffalo Bull; whom, to be honest, nobody seems to give not a single shit about, but he does have a nice ass. She also gets paid lods of emone for doing absolutely fucking nothing, but refuses to share the profit, except with Sergai.


Stare into the depths of hell

Bell's final form, when she takes down one of her allies.

Bell appears as a form of an anthropomorphic cow, who is completely pink, with pink hair as well, huge fucking eyes, a ridiculously huge-ass grin on her face, and is almost always shown wearing a baseball uniform. She is pretty cheerful and spirited and those are human emotion so she sorta is somewhat half-human.

Shit buffaloz doEdit


Bell takes a cue from Hoshi-kun.

Bell's common hobby is, of course, baseball. Unbeknownst to anyone else, her typical trait is stabbing the lives of poor /v/tards who tend to rationally sexualize her from time to time. She pins her victims down, shouting "Koroshite-yaru!!" ("Imma keel your bitch ass, foo!"), and repeatedly tears the insides of that one, souless neckbeard, and feasts on its remains like The Last Supper of Christ, or something like that.

One of her main suspects is this one, fly-ass nigga swallow named Entaro, however he's finally retired, but that doesn't stop him from jacking on her sweet twat.


Mumi why

Bell mourning for the loss of her closest friend, Mami-san, after getting her head blown off by Remilia.

Her "Curveball Attack" is nearly the same as The Baseball Guy's "Fastball Attack", but is less fatal. So it makes her opponents slightly more easier to dodge it. Still, any close contact with the ball can lead to some major damage. volvo pls nerf


  • She was originally a commie of the Designated Villain Team, ya know?
  • I really don't give that many fucks about Bell. Polly Polaris muh waifu~~XOXO
  • Her favorite Touhou is Keine Kamishirasawa.

Unnoticeable VideosEdit

And plenty of other vids if you search her name up in Moonspeak: バファローベル