The face of no mercy

Mai's ultimate trolling move

Mai Minakami is quite possibly the biggest troll in anime history. She debuted in the anime Nichijou, which is the most awesomest anime created by man.

Her main love interest is Hoshi.

Appearance & PersonalityEdit


Okay she doesn't do this much but you get the point

Mai is a brown-haired chick who wears the most dazzlin' glasses you've ever seen.

Mai is a known threat across the entirety of Japan due to her professional trolling. She is feared most by her friend, Yukko, who has become the easiest target of her amazing trolling skills.


Mai's most ultimate attack is her Release, which she uses mostly during camping trips when her companions run out of food. A classic trolling move.

Mai has also specially trained her dogs to become an ultimate threat to nearby victims when unleashed. Her dogs' bite can cause victims to shoot lasers from their mouth strong enough to destroy whole planets.

She has also memorized the incantation of resurrection for use in the Stair Climbing Game.

Unmemorable QuotesEdit

Y'see she doesn't talk much so she doesn't have many memorable quotes other than "Because this manga isn't very interesting" so yeah.


  • What if Mai engaged in battle with AOC for enjoying her victory?

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