His totally catchphrase

Touching Story is awesome. He was created by yours truly and was designed to be the most awesomest Freak that ever lived while still being random in a way that pisses off the entire community for some reason.

Among his allies are Mai Minakami, Zerostyle, LEtheCreator, Ted Hartrup, Sergai and a dog named Pele. He also has a girlfriend named Scoutit.

His totally personalityEdit

Touching Story is wierd. He shops at Piggly Wiggly every two Wednesdays and enjoys his victories in the afternoon after stealing Italian restaurants. He uses spaghetti to establish awesome and deploys all that junction power whenever he finds truth to his meaning.

His favorite song is Concrete Angel, even though that's not his theme song.

People that have it out for Touching StoryEdit

  • Pancolawich
  • Dr. Uppengraden
  • The President
  • AOC
  • The owner of the Old Spaghetti Factory (take a lucky guess why)
  • TheInvertedShadow
  • Thom Yorke
  • All of the Touhous (except for Alice)
  • Kuojirou Sasahara
  • A football stadium full of losers
  • Ken

People that Touching Story has it out forEdit

  • Everyone listed above (except for Thom Yorke)
  • Barry Scott
  • Nightmare Medic