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Andrew Matchett

His mommy


June 18th, 1998


Oh boy...


Boring anti-cognitive type


Chaotic Evil



Fighting style





Common sense


Decided to leave himself alone


Divider (Formely)


The Living Tantrum



"I demand that you take down this extremely offensive image or else I'll do absolutely nothing about it!"
A common interpretation of Mr. Matchett's typical response to anything you might have to say about him.

Andrew Matchett, better known by his stage name, ToxicHolyGrenade, is a Gmod user who sorta cried about everything in the world after he decided it was a good idea to just recklessly break the rules of multiple Wikis and then annoy people about it. He's basically Kuglwatn sans the ability to actually do anything.

He's been blocked pretty much everywhere in the entire world with the exception of YouTube, so if you want to laugh at him then go post on some of his terrible videos.


"FUCK YOU YOU FUCKING CUNT SUCKING FUCKING ASS SUCKING PENIS SUCKING PISS SUCKING BASTARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BLOCK ME NOW OR I WILL KILL YOU!!! >:( and i didnt see any rules either you idiot YOU DIRTY HACKER!!!"
The first straw for Hatchlet; and yes, he did actually include that many exclamation marks in his original post
IMG 5338

"Will you please remove this comment. And don't even think about refusing."

Toxic's first account on TF2 FreakShow, Soldine173, was blocked for inserting false information. In retaliation, he formerly lashed out at Kugawattan, saying: [above quote]

Shortly after, he revoked his attack towards Kugawattan, and uploaded an apology video for him. After some small talk, Kuga accepted his apology, and Soldine173 came back as Soldine1000. A few months later, he engaged in a seemingly endless conflict with various admins, including ShermanZAtank, SarisKhan and Kuga again. He was eventually blocked for spamming memes on users' talk pages and for posting an [unanswered] interview on Kuga's talk page without his consult.

Afterwards, Soldine1000 tried to circumvent his block by creating a new account, ToxicHolyGrenade, and apologized for his shenanigans once again. However, that didn't last long. This account was first blocked by SarisKhan for one week for clogging the activity feed with edits that changed the code of the Notable Videos sections of various articles, after Stylx had already addressed this problem to him, but ignored his warning.


It's actually a pretty good album.

Afterwards, he engaged in a huge, seemingly endless conflict with SarisKhan [and, on a side-note, Stylx] over plagiarism of Saris's Freaks and my own personal fued with Kugawattan, which he had also endlessly annoyed me on YouTube over, despite me telling him to leave me alone. I later addressed this problem to Saris personally, and also told him that THG was a sockpuppet of Soldine1000, which Saris had previously not known. At my suggestion, THG was banned again shortly after for plagiarism, edit spam, harrassment and circumventing a previous ban.

ToxicHolyGrenade wouldn't give up, however, and created another account called RadioactiveHolyGrenade, which was banned for sockpuppeting by ShermanZAtank shortly after. Eventually, I got tired of his shit, and decided to block him on YouTube after constantly harassing me over my situation with Kuga even after I told him to stop.


So yeah, that's pretty much the reason why THG is the current punching bag of the community. If you need any more information, ask Saris or another admin, but I doubt they'll want to speak of it.

-The legendary Rivfruifv spilling the beans for a user named Dr. Lazlo in the heat of an intense battle between SarisKhan and Marchleton. Mr. Matchbox tried to delete this from the doctor's talk page, but Shurmn brought it back in the moment of cognitive.

Antics 2Edit

Just read this thread.



This is an official announcement to make the stance of me, an admin of TF2 FreakShow wiki, the founder of the TF2 FreakShow Concept wiki and a representative of the associated communities, known to everyone concerned.

You're a self-righteous, egotistic, defiant, persistent, irrational, hypocritical person who refuses to admit his errors, apologise and stop repeating them so that everyone could move on and forget about the issue. There is no reasoning with you. No amount of explanation helps because you refuse to listen and act according to your own biased judgement. You repeatedly circumvent punishment and repeat past errors in spite of requests and warnings to stop. More than that, you attempt to coerce others, including the admins of the aforementioned wikis, to submit to your whims rather than maintain reasonable standards and policies determined for the community as a whole.

Given your obstinate, antagonistic conduct throughout the last couple of years, you are not welcome in the TF2 FreakShow community. We will not tolerate your demands. We do not want you to be a part of our community. We want you to leave the community, which includes both wikis and users, alone. Permanently.

Failure to adhere to this request will result in continued reports to the wiki staff until an appropriate form of punishment is carried out.

-SarisKhan says it how it is to THG before getting him banned from Wikia forever.

Give this a read for the full scoop while you're at it.

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